1. 2018 Current Concepts in Functional Capacity Evaluation - A Best Practices Guideline.pdf
  2. Sincerity of Effort Testing in FCEs - The evidence does not support commonly used functional testing methods..pdf
  3. Heart rate changes in FCEs in a workers' compensation population.pdf
  4. Interpreting Waddells Signs - Misuse and Abuse.pdf
  5. Physical Therapists in Public Safety: The National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners
  6. Failure of Employer to Validate Essential Job Functions and Consider Reasonable Accommodation Results in Disability Discrimination Case
  7. Testing for a Job Requirement that Actually Doesn't Exist: An ADA - Workers' Comp Case Study
  8. Must Be Full Duty to Return to Work Leads To Disability Discrimination
  9. Does Pre-Employment Medical Testing Reduce Workplace Injuries?
  10. How Do You Know if the Injured Worker Exaggerated Their Pain During a FCE?
  11. Job Descriptions as a Legal Basis for Employment Decisions
  12. Improving Return to Work Outcomes with Work Conditioning
  13. The Difference Between Anatomic and Functional Impairment
  14. The ADA & Workers’ Comp: Get Ready For Reasonable Accommodation
  15. ADA Enforcement Guidance: Pre-employment Disability Related Questions & Medical Exams
  16. The ADA & Workers’ Compensation
  17. Disability Discrimination
  18. EEOC Fact Sheet: Disability & ADAAA
  19. FAQs for Injured Workers in Louisiana
  20. Job Accommodation Network
  21. Medical Treatment Guidelines for Louisiana Workers' Comp
  22. Permanent Parital Disability Benefits: Louisiana Workers' Compensation
  23. Physical Ability Testing: PAVE
  24. Scheduled Awards: Federal Workers' Compensation (FECA)
  25. Social Security Disability & The FCE
  26. The Facts for Louisiana Employers
  27. Pain & Tissue Damage
  28. WorkSTEPS® News & Updates